The Mission, Vision, Values
and People Behind Silver Leaf

Silver Leaf is being developed by Circle Development Corporation, a not-for-profit corporation established for this project. The residents of Silver Leaf in Paonia, Colorado, choose to live there because they love Paonia, many have long standing ties to the community, and they embrace the mission, vision, and values established by the founding members of Silver Leaf.

Our project has been particularly inspired by the book, From Age-ing to Sage-ing: A Revolutionary Approach to Growing Older  by Zalman Schachter-Shalomi.


Silver Leaf is a community of artistic, caring, and creative individuals committed to living cooperatively and harmoniously with our neighbors, the land, the environment, and the community at large. We are committed to living simply on a smaller footprint allowing time and resources for the pursuit of creative endeavors.


We are cooperatively creating our homes in Paonia, Colorado, on Third Street between Clark and Minnesota Streets. The community will consist of twelve small, universally designed/accessible homes, and common amenities to include an organic garden, native landscaping, and a common house. The common house will include space for a kitchen, dining area, multi-purpose room for social and educational gatherings, guest room(s), creative art/work space, a shop, laundry room, and space for exercise and yoga.


Cooperation – Tolerance – Trust – Responsibility

The elder cohousing concept and need for it is well described in the attached article “Senior Cohousing in Canada: How Baby Boomers Can Build Social Portfolios for Aging Well,” written by Margaret Critchlow, a Professor of Anthropology, Director of the Canadian Senior Cohousing Society, and founding member and soon to be resident of the Harbourside Senior Cohousing Community in Sooke, BC. Marjorie True, a nurse practitioner, hospice nurse, and future resident of Silver Leaf, and Krista Dudley (introduced above) recently took a course given by Margaret and her colleagues and visited the Harbourside Senior Cohousing Community (the project described in the above article). They are anxious to share what they learned with the rest of the group, future Silver Leaf residents, and the Paonia community.

The Principals of Circle Development Corporation

Trudy Welty, President

Trudy is a minister with a particular interest in Native American healing. She will be a resident of Silver Leaf.

Krista Dudley, Vice President and Secretary

Krista is psychotherapist with a strong interest in Native American healing as well as organic farming. Krista is also a future resident of Silver Leaf.

Kathy Crawford, Treasurer

Kathy worked with her late husband, Rob Dick, for many years financing and developing projects throughout the country. Kathy has a degree in Public Administration specializing in accounting and financial management. Kathy and Trudy have been friends for over 40 years.

The rest of the project team includes the following local professionals.

Architectural Design: Mara Mantoiu, 3Cycle Studio

Landscape Design: 3Cycle Studio

Surveyor: Randy Wilmore, Wilmore Company Professional Land Surveying, Inc.

Engineer: Jeff Ruppert; PE; Odisea LLC.

Builder:  Frederick Zimmer, Elemental Design and Build