A community committed to aging well
in Paonia, Colorado



Our shared project vision is to cooperatively create our homes and community in Paonia, Colorado.

Silver Leaf, an elder cohousing project, consists of a group of artistic, caring, and creative individuals committed to living cooperatively and harmoniously with our neighbors, the land, the environment, and the community at large. We are committed to live simply on a smaller footprint allowing time and resources for the pursuit of creative endeavors.

The project will consist of twelve small, universally designed/accessible homes, and common amenities to include an organic garden, native landscaping, a wood-burning bread oven, and a common house. The common house  will include space for a kitchen, dining area, multi-purpose room for social and educational gatherings, guest room(s), creative art/work space, a shop, laundry room, and space for exercise and yoga.


Houses are close to finished with our first homeowners moving in September 15.  We have one unit available, so contact BonnaSue at if you are interested in more information.

The homes are approximately 950 square feet in size with two bedrooms and one or one and a half baths.



Paonia is a unique little town located in the North Fork Valley in western Colorado at the foot of the West Elk Mountains. It’s character is created by a unique combination of agriculture and coal mining with a “hip” creative, foodie, intellectual component in a high desert setting that offers unlimited recreational opportunities. One could literally take a yoga class, have a farm to table breakfast,  hike or mountain bike Jumbo Mountain, go for a cross country ski, visit a farm, and finish it off with a local wine tasting and a movie… all in the same day.